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Our mission

Enhance commercial and public space throughout France in a sustainable manner.

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A story of Men and Women

At the heart of our corporate culture, each employee contributes to our success. We attach great importance to the organizing events during which happiness and sense of humour mingle with professional relationships. Special moments allow us to come together, learn from each other and celebrate our successes together.

Our process

A dedicated team will thoroughly follow your project step by step using our experience and expertise on the matter.

Our commitments

The design of professional spaces is a profession that requires rigor, precision and commitment. We rely on 4 fundamental pillars.

Our methodology ensures the consistency and efficiency of operations with a structured approach to each project. The use of short circuits makes it possible to limit intermediaries and thus optimize time and costs. This translates into better responsiveness and increased strength of proposal, in order to quickly adapt to customer needs and offer innovative solutions. Speed of execution is essential to meet deadlines, without compromising the quality of the service provided.

This starts with respecting the brands’ graphic charter. Indeed, each brand has its identity, its color, its values. We ensure that each design element is in perfect harmony with this identity. Likewise, compliance with specifications, schedules and budgets is essential. These elements constitute the roadmap for any project and guarantee transparent and peaceful collaboration with our clients.

Each site presents its own specificities and risks. The implementation of safety rules specific to each site ensures the physical integrity of teams on the ground, but also guarantees the safety of the installations for future users.

Quality is a reflection of know-how and expertise. An impeccable finish is the sign of professional work, where every detail counts. Quality is also part of a more global approach with a strong environmental commitment. Indeed, in a context of ecological awareness, it is essential to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Our locations

Groupe Pagès is represented throughout France with agencies in widespread location such as:

Alès (Headquarters)

Groupe Pagès locations

Groupe Pagès CSR commitments

Environmental Commitment

  • Sustainable waste management

  • Resource preservation

  • Adapted waste treatment with provision of Waste Management Monitoring and Evaluation Form

  • Materials up cycling

  • Ungenerated waste (recovery/conservation)


  • Everyday equity

  • Respect for health

  • Safety and well-being at work

  • Diversity of our teams

  • Integration and work for people with disabilities

  • Working conditions of our subcontractors


  • Participate in the dynamism of local ecosystems

  • Economic integrity

  • Selection of local partners

  • Implementation of tier 1 subcontractor contracts only

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