Hotel Resturant Design

Do you own a hotel or restaurant? Beyond the exquisite service offered to your customers, a well-thought-out venue can increase attractiveness of your business. It will maximize the space available and make it more convenient for any users.

It will improve the customer experience and directly your notoriety.

Our expertise in hotel or restaurant design

The constraints linked to the technical and budgetary aspects of a project require a precise assessment upstream. Constraints related to technical and budget aspects require a thorough assessment from the start. Our dedicated team aims at satisfying our clients on aesthetics and functionality.

Our design expects ensure the strict implementation of health and safety requirements in commission buildings. It will guarantee the owners’ peace of mind and satisfied clients.

Scale and complexity of some project require multidisciplinary intervention. Our dedicated teams ensure smooth and optimal implementation.
We work closely with food experts, it helps us to provide your project the best advice to meet the caterings needs, style and practicality.
Our experience is a guarantee of reliability and expertise. It demonstrates our ability to anticipate challenges, innovate and deliver exceptional results.

How do we intervene?

We have developed services adapted to each type of client, depending on the size of your spaces, and your expectations in terms of design customization.

Design & Consulting

The hotel and catering industry has specific codes that our teams apply within the design and consulting department:

  • A feasibility analysis following an assessment of your needs, an audit and a visit to your establishments

  • The plans development adapted to your hotel or restaurant establishment

  • A selection of materials in accordance with your preferences

  • A detailed budget estimate and an intervention schedule

  • An aesthetic design reflecting your establishment’s identity

All trades building works

Whether it is the processing of one or more batches of a construction site, or the complete project management as a general contractor, our teams follow essential steps to ensure our customers satisfaction.

Bespoke furniture

For the hotel and catering industry, we offer standard or personalized furniture solutions. Our goal is to provide durable furniture, perfectly aligned with your brand identity. Thanks to our co-design service, our teams design the most relevant furniture based on your needs and your budget. You benefit from guaranteed deadlines, direct communication with manufacturers, and the flexibility of our teams.

Small works / Post-development maintenance

Our commitment to you does not end once the design is complete. This is why we offer you a curative maintenance service. Our team remains at your disposal to ensure that your space remains as functional and aesthetic as the day it was delivered. Your fitting sustainability and care are at the heart of our concerns.

A project to carry out?

Together, let’s bring your project to life!