Bespoke furniture

Thanks to unique know-how, our teams design with passion and high standards all of your bespoke multimaterial furniture for indoor and eoutdoor use. The furniture will be part of the new build or rebuilt of retail, office or catering spaces.

Co-design service

We support our clients, in partnership with architectural firms, to design your tailor-made furniture:

Each project starts with an active listening phase in order to precisely understand your needs. Our solutions match your functional needs and meet your visual aspirations.

The co-creation process is at the center of our approach. Close collaboration with our clients generates the best results. Our Design Office works hand-in-hand with you to transform your ideas into realities, ensuring that every aspect of the design matches your vision.

Once the design has been validated, we enter the phase of producing the technical plans. These plans, made with precision, detail each element of the furniture, from the structure to the finishes, guaranteeing that production is fluid and compliant.

The budget is a key element for any project. Our service reviews your initial design and suggests clever changes without compromising on quality, design or functionality, thereby optimizing production costs.

We advise you on the latest design trends and help you choose the most suitable materials for your project, taking into account design, durability and budget.

Visualize your project before it is carried out! We offer detailed 3D models that allow you to see your furniture from all angles, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with the design before production begins.


Reuse of exiting furniture to give it a second life

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Production stage

Before proceeding to full production, we bring your vision to life with a prototype. This process allows us to validate the functionality, aesthetics and design quality. We also take the opportunity to make final changes to ensure perfect compliance with your expectations.
Thanks to our cutting-edge equipment, we produce tailor-made furniture, combining craftsmanship and technology. For projects requiring small series production, we can industrialize the process while guaranteeing quality and attention to detail.
The creative process does not end when furniture leaves the workshop. We coordinate all logistics, from the secure transport of your equipment to their installation on site. Our team of experts ensures that each piece is carefully put in place, ensuring perfect integration into your spaces.
From start to finish, we ensure rigorous and centralized project management. Our dedicated team is by your side at every stage, ensuring fluid communication, meeting deadlines and coordinating all parties, for a smooth implementation.
We carry out complete after-sales follow-up service, ensuring that our creations meet your needs in the long term. We are here for any simple adjustments, maintenance questions or anything else.

Most often in melamine-faced panels or laminate, the furniture produced by our teams can also be, depending on your preferences, in MDF (Medium®), plywood or solid wood. These materials can be combined, for elegant material contrasts, with glass, PMMA (Plexiglas®), stainless steel, aluminum, synthetic resin.

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Focus on our Furniture Bespoke Division Director

“My daily life is punctuated by meeting our customers, analyzing their needs precisely and translating these needs into concrete and functional solutions. Each project is unique, which forces us to constantly reinvent ourselves and seek the best techniques and materials to offer our clients.

What I appreciate most about my role is combining technical rigor and creativity. Seeing a project go from a simple idea to a tangible and useful object is extremely pleasant.

Bespoke furniture is the opportunity to respond precisely to the specific needs of our customers, while offering impeccable quality and finish. It is this attention to detail and this constant search for excellence that makes my job so interesting.”

Clément, Bespoke Furniture Division Director

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