Office fitting is a vector of its brand image. In a competitive business environment, every detail counts.

Within Groupe Pagès, we aim to provide you with a unique environment specific to your world.

Choosing an office fitting expert

Many constraints linked to an office space fitting require advanced expertise. Our teams of professionals bring in-depth knowledge of standards, mastery of current trends, as well as a strategic approach to each project.

Our areas of expertise in the office sector

Faced with rapid changes in the business world, it is imperative to anticipate future needs. Our approaches are oriented with this in mind.
An optimized customer journey reflects an efficient organization. This directly impacts customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
Ensuring fluid and transparent communication is a guarantee of trust. Our fittings aim to facilitate this interaction.

Changing customer needs require a modern approach to self-service spaces.

With the rise of technology, the integration of ATMs in agencies is no longer an option but a necessity.
We ensure that each development complies with the standards and regulations in force.

Uniformity and consistency are key when it comes to your brand’s multi-site layout. Our expertise guarantees perfect harmony in each of your agencies.

Compliance with TVE standards is not only a regulatory obligation, but also a guarantee of quality and sustainability.

Our services for offices fitting

Design & Implementation

Our design & consulting teams offer you:

  • A feasibility study after understanding your needs, audit and visit to the premises

  • Creating plans specific to your agency

  • The choice of materials meeting your expectations

  • A budget proposal

  • A clear intervention schedule

  • A design and aesthetic in line with the image of your agency

  • Support for change management

Work supervision by our specialists

Modernizing an office is a global project that requires reflection, knowledge of current trends and adaptation to specific needs. We ensure:

  • Preparing the site

  • Renovation work to enhance your customer area

  • Electrical installations, plumbing work, all trades works to ensure a safe environment

  • The ideal furniture layout for an optimal customer experience

Our multidisciplinary team covers all the necessary skills.

Furniture solutions adapted to your office

Whether standard or custom-designed solutions, we offer sustainable furniture that matches your image. We offer you a co-design service. Namely an in-house design studio, significant human and software resources, which work in partnership with architects, at your side, to define together the furniture best suited to your requirements and budget.

Minor works

A successful fitting requires appropriate maintenance. This is why, after the finalization of our projects, we offer a curative maintenance service. Whether it is minor adjustments or repairs following an incident, we are at your side to ensure the longevity of your professional space.

The office sectors in which we operate

Bank branches fitting

Groupe Pagès builds and promotes bank branches, in new or existing buildings, thanks to its expertise in consulting and design, as well as secondary work and spaces design.

The layout solutions are optimal to ensure an adequate, safe customer journey and better support.

Mutual and insurance fitting

We arrange the reception areas such as mutual and insurance agencies while respecting your constraints, your specifications, your budget, your deadlines. We take care of all the packages necessary for installation:
– air conditioning and heating systems
– electricity and connectivity networks
– lighting
– suspended ceilings
– partitions (traditional or modular)
– floor and wall coverings

A project to carry out?

Together, let’s bring your project to life!