The choice of your work partner is key to a result that will suit your expectations and needs.

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What is store fitting ?

Store fitting helps structure and organize your sales space to maximize the customer experience and increase sales. This involves choosing the right furniture, equipment the right product layout and using the adequate lighting and deco.

Why is your store fitting so crucial ?

An optimal fitted shop can make the difference between a business that attracts customers and one that where they would only pass by. Fist impression is the most important.

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What make companies trust us ?

Our years of experience in the field of store fitting have allowed us to perfect our know-how, sharpen our skills and broaden our range of expertise. Each project gives us the opportunity to develop our offer. Each client brings a different perspective, and each success has reinforced our passion for our profession. More than a company, we are a team of dedicated professionals, constantly keeping themselves updated on the markets changes and needs

Each store is unique. We offer you maximum flexibility to meet your specific needs.

No matter your challenges, we are ready to take them on! Your satisfaction is our success.

We are always looking for the latest trends and innovations to furnish your cutting edge store. The objective? Attract more and more customers and offer them a successful experience.

Each project involves multiple trades. Coordinating them is a must to success.

We value the trust of our customers and build long-term relationships based on mutual respect. We make it a point of honor to provide responsive and efficient After-Sales Service for our customers.

Each project is managed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery.

What can we offer?

Groupe Pagès is involved in the creation, redesign and interior renovation of your stores and boutiques, in all retail sectors, from ready-to-wear to decoration, leisure, toys, etc.

Design & Consulting

Thanks to its internal Design studio, its expertise in technical design, and with its partners in interior architecture, Groupe Pagès supports you in translating your vision of space into a concrete proposal for tailor-made development.

Building works

We operate as a General Contractor and/or in major packages. Thanks to our integrated teams, we bring together in-house the essential trades and know-how for the development and renovation of establishments open to the public.

Bespoke furniture

In our two 5,000 m² workshops, Groupe Pagès’s carpentry teams design all of your interior and exterior bespoke furniture.

Maintenance & repairs

Groupe Pagès offers its customers corrective maintenance services throughout the lifespan of an establishment, in order to preserve its condition and improve its sustainability.

Retail sectors we operate in

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Ready-to-wear shop fit out

The space planning must highlight key pieces, while allowing a regular rotation of items to maintain customer interest and present new collections.

Aisles should be wide enough to allow for free movement of persons. Fitting room should be comfortable and well lit. Mirrors strategically placed to allow customers to see themselves from different angles. An optimized check out should avoid queues and display accessories / reduced items. These are all the points to work on.
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Food store fitting

Aisles should be wide enough to allow for free movement of persons.

The design should take into account specific conservation constraints for some products requiring chilled or frozen areas.

Checkouts should be well distributed and organized to minimize waiting times, with areas dedicated to quick purchases and large purchases.
Special offers, new releases or promotional products must be highlighted, often using special displays or dedicated areas.
Areas should be arranged with ease of cleaning in mind. Products must be presented in a hygienic manner.
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Luxury boutique fitting

Luxury spaces should evoke a feeling of exclusivity. Lighting, furniture, music… Everything must be thought of to create a refined and intimate atmosphere.
Each product must be showcased as a work of art. This can be achieved using elegant display cases, boxes or specific supports.
Marble, precious wood, noble fabrics and other high-quality materials must be favored to reflect the luxury image of the brand.

For VIP customers or those wanting a more discreet shopping experience, private areas or individual lounges can be set up.

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Leisure business fitting

Products must be grouped by clear categories (books, music, video games, high-tech, etc.) for an easy access and flow in the room.
Areas where customers can try products are essential to drive purchase. For example: read a few pages of a book or test a device…
Spaces dedicated to meetings with authors, workshops or demonstrations can energize the store and attract a varied clientele.
Interactive screens, listening kiosks or tablets can enrich the customer experience and provide additional product information.
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Groupe Pagès also takes care of your gyms and sport halls

The delimitation of spaces according to their use must be clearly visible: cardio, weight training, stretching, group classes, changing rooms, etc.
Aisles must be wide enough to allow fluid circulation, especially during rush hours.

A good ventilation and air conditioning system is crucial to ensure athletes comfort and avoid a stifling heat or humidity.

Hand and equipment sanitizing stations, as well as clean, well-maintained locker rooms, are a priority for health and well-being of club members.

A project to carry out?

Together, let’s bring your project to life!