All trades building works

All trade building works are coordinated in two different ways. Within Groupe Pagès, we operate as a general work company or a general contractor.

General building works company

General work company

As an all trades company, we take care, depending on the needs and situations, of one, several or all construction site batches, in collaboration with an architect or a project manager designated by the customer.

General contractor

As a general contractor, we offer a turnkey approach. Our team of 50 professionals supports you, thanks to a single contact, at each stage of the project, from plans design to administrative management, via budget monitoring and work quality carried out. Our adaptability, combined with strong responsiveness, allows us to quickly provide effective solutions while respecting your budgets and your schedule.

All trades building works

Work Phase

The works phase involves plans implementation and conceptualized ideas, bringing the project vision to life. Each project starts with detailed plans of your concepts. From large structures to the smallest details, every aspect is taken into account in order to life to your project.

Site preparation

Before starting the work, it is essential to finalize all the necessary administrative procedures. This may include obtaining building permits, coordinating with local authorities, and building control. This process wil ensure the project complies with regulations. This step ensures works are carried out properly.
Next step to the project is the drawing execution plans. These take the plans to the next level of details and take the concept to finalized drawings to execute by our building teams on site. It specifies all materials used, construction techniques and designs and provides all the necessary guidelines.

Work planning is essential for effective project management. It details construction process stages, with opening dates, deadlines for each stage, and dates for follow-up or inspection visits. This schedule ensures all parties are in sync project progress remains on time and any conflicts or delays are identified and managed quickly.

The works completion stage begins. Construction teams implement the execution plan, transforming the space according to the guidelines provided.

Site monitoring and management

Once the site preparation is finished and works have started, we will guide the site management until completion. We aim at ensuring the project is executed according to plan, while adapting to unforeseen changes throughout the process. The goal is for the project to be executed according to plan, while adapting to unforeseen events and ensuring quality throughout the process.

Weekly meetings are organized with all project parties to discuss the progress of the works, identify possible obstacles and make key decisions. Following these meetings, minutes are written and distributed, ensuring that all participants are informed and aligned on next steps.
As the project completion approaches, reservations are lifted. Any problems or imperfections identified are resolved before the official key handover. At the same time, the safety commission is called upon to ensure that all aspects of the project comply with safety standards. This validation is crucial for safe occupation and use of premises.
As-Built Drawings is a key document which compiles all the information relating to the work carried out. This document, usually provided on computer for easy reference, contains details of the materials used, final plans, warranties and other information essential for the maintenance and future use of the building.
After works are finalized, a period of “perfect completion” begins for one year, during which the company rectify any reported defect or poor workmanship. Additionally, the 2-year guarantee covers all equipment such as the furniture and mobile equipment. During this period, if any problems arise, they are taken care of. Troubleshooting management is ensured guaranteeing a fast and effective response to any incident or malfunction.

Focus on our construction site manager

“For me, every day is an adventure, every project a new challenge. My role is central to ensure visions and plans established in the specifications come to life while respecting deadlines, budget and quality standards.

Managing all trades building works is above all a matter of coordination. We must ensure each trade intervenes at the right time, materials are delivered on time and everything takes place in complete safety. It’s a precise dance where every movement counts.

This job requires rigor, passion and an ability to work in a team. And when we see the final result, when a space comes to life and perfectly meets the client’s expectations, the pride we feel is immense.”

James, Construction Site Manager, Groupe Pagès

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