A well designed workspace has an impact on productivity and well-being of an employee. If you feel comfortable in your environment, you will work more efficiently. And who better knows than a professional how to set a perfect workspace?

Our expertise in professional workspace design at your service

Branding and marketing help convey the branding value and strengthen team spirit. Designing a work environment is a real task that will represent our vision.

Our team of designers ensures that every step of your project is taken care of. All trades are on the same wave length to aim at completing the perfect workspace projects.

Furniture is chosen according to your company’s work routine, the existing equipment and resources needed.

Whether you like standard or bespkoke furniture, we provide each space a solution that suits your teams’ need in terms ergonomics and function.

It is essential to master and comply with the current labour code and ensure the right design for a safe space. Our architects always keep themselves up to date on the on the new regulations and learn about the constraint for such spaces. They will take in account all this technical matter once designing your workspace.

Environment and sustainability are a priority to any project we carry out. Calling us as a contractor is taking a step forward to lower our impact on the planet. We make sure to recycle and reuse old furniture and any material when possible.

Our workspace design services

We carry out your project according to your specifications and layout moreover meeting your deadlines and budget.

We can work in new or existing old building. We can work on empty or occupied site. in new or existing old building. We will organize building work in phases to accommodate employees and opening hours.

A site manager will be allocated to each project and will be you one and only contact during works. He will be in communication with you throughout the project.

Design & Build

From initial consultation to implementation, we ensure:

  • Space planning design

  • Selection of suitable materials
  • Work schedule planning

  • Phases planning

  • Bespoke furniture design

  • The proposal of a design and decoration specific to your identity

Work Coordination

With our architects and our project managers we take care of:

  • Renovation work to modernize the space

  • Electrical installations to guarantee safety

  • Plumbing work for a functional space

  • Optimal furniture layout for smooth workflow

Bespoke furniture

Our team offers you sustainable solutions adapted to your environment. Our co-design service, in partnership with architects, defines with you the furniture corresponding to your expectations and your budget for your wokspace design.
Our strengths : meeting deadlines, direct contact with suppliers, availability of our teams, sustainable solutions suited to your needs.

After delivery works

Our team is still there to ensure any minor works after completion to maintain your project in pristine conditions.

Different spaces we work on

Wokspace design

Open space design

Coworking and open spaces is a major trends in the working spaces design world. These types of space emphasize collaboration, stimulate creativity and maximize the use of spaces.
The issues are numerous:

Open spaces facilitate collaboration however it is essential not to neglect individual concentration.
The absence of partitions can cause noise pollution. A good laout design takes into account acoustics to guarantee everyone’s comfort and avoid noise pollution.
Business needs are evolving. A coworking space or open space must be modular to adapt to the changing needs of teams.

Pleasant design, stimulating colors and appropriate lighting can improve employee productivity and well-being.

Coffee break rooms and kitchens design

An essential space to the employee well-being, allows to relax, chat and boost energy levels. It should provide the following

Comfortable seats, a warm atmosphere and a clean space allow employees to relax.

The cafeteria must be equipped to meet the needs of employees: fridges, microwaves or quality coffee machines.

Careful decoration, soft lighting and ambient music can transform a simple break room into a true haven of peace.

Arranging tables and chairs to encourage discussion helps strengthen bonds between employees and promote team cohesion.

A project to carry out?

Together, let’s bring your project to life!