In the hospitality sector, such as airport welcoming areas, train and service station, interior designer is key to a full relaxed customer experience. Result: travelers and clients will feel free to enjoy a shopping spree in the different boutique available.

As a qualified space designer, we understand these environments’ issues and offer an answer that will stand out and make each welcoming space unique.

Why trust us in the hospitality sector?

Managing the flow of travelers require clever space planning that combines security, practicality, and aesthetics. Our expertise in creating spaces meets the complex logistic issue and expectations of modern travelers.

Groupe Pagès work closely with your teams to create a space that illustrate you brand identity, while maximizing the customer experience in either a store or a restaurant.

Our goal: build an attractive point of sale that catches the eye in the hustle and bustle of transport areas.

We coordinate each phase of the project, from design to completion, ensuring transparent communication throughout the process. Our experience allows us to manage time and budget constraints effectively.

Safety is a major concern in hospitality areas. Our designs strictly comply with current health and safety building regulations. We integrate innovative solutions to ensure the safety of travelers and staff, while preserving the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Committed to an eco-friendly approach, we use sustainable solutions to reduce environmental footprint on your commercial space. From materials selection to energy management, every design aspect is in harmony with sustainable development principles.

Our expertise in hospitality design is a result of an in-depth understanding of the sector specifications, a custom approach representing your brand, thorough project management, compliance to building regulations, choice of sustainable solutions and a reliable partnership to your growth.

Our space design offers in the travel sector

Design & consulting

Our design space team in transport zone offers:

  • An in-depth analysis of your needs
  • Personalized plans for airport spaces, train stations and rest areas

  • A materials rigorous selection adapted to these areas conditions

  • A budget estimate and a detailed execution schedule

  • Support for changing your travel spaces

All trades building works

Space design in hospitality zones requires:

  • Careful preparation of the site before the start of work

  • Targeted renovations to enhance commercial and restaurant spaces in transit areas

  • Facilities that comply with safety standards

  • Optimal bespoke furniture for a smooth and pleasant customer experience

Furniture designed for travel

Our bespoke furniture solutions combine durability and modernity, for harmonious integration into the transit environment. Our co-creation process involves working closely with architects and designers to design furniture that meets your expectations and those of your customers.

Maintenance & Post-project Services

Post-project maintenance services ensure the longevity of your installations. Both for minor touch-ups and major repairs, our team remains at your disposal to maintain the quality of your developments in these high-traffic areas.

A project to carry out?

Together, let’s bring your project to life!