Healthcare Space Design

Nurseries, pharmacies, laboratories, medical practices, clinics or even senior residences… The design of these healthcare spaces requires certain rules and prerequisites to be taken into account.

Our expertise in healthcare space design

In the healthcare sector, the environment must above all be safe and comfortable for patients. It is important to think about solutions such as adapted lighting, which can have calming properties, or interactive technologies to inform and guide patients. The use of materials that not only meet hygiene standards but also have acoustic properties to reduce noise and create a peaceful atmosphere can also be considered.

Furthermore, we believe that promoting green spaces or rest areas can also reduce stress and anxiety.

Collaboration with an architect and a specialized decorator allows us to better understand the spaces’ specific needs and provide their expertise to optimize both operation and design.

These experts can also introduce clear signage for patients, specific areas for staff, or even flexible spaces according to needs.

For specific needs, we create bespoke furniture, adapted to the size, design or functionality of your spaces.
In the healthcare field, following current standards is essential. Trusting Groupe Pagès means ensuring a secure space, meeting regulations regarding accessibility, fire safety, hygiene, etc.

We integrate technological solutions such as home automation to facilitate the daily lives of patients and staff.

Digital solutions for making appointments, monitoring patients or managing spaces are particularly popular today.

Favoring ecological and sustainable materials is part of our daily life.

Our water and energy saving solutions benefit the environment and reduce costs.

What we can offer you in the healthcare sector

We place the quality and sustainability of your healthcare space design at the center of our professional mission.

Design & Consulting

Our design and consulting service offers:

  • Feasibility analysis based on a precise assessment of your needs, an audit and a visit to your establishments
  • Plans development adapted to your healthcare structure

  • Selection of materials meeting health standards

  • Detailed budget estimate and intervention schedule

All trades building works

Our teams follow a strict protocol to ensure the successful completion of the project. From processing one or more batches to complete management as a general contractor.

Bespoke furniture

We provide furniture that complies with health standards, while reflecting your establishment identity. We offer a co-design service, with an in-house design office and cutting-edge technologies. You benefit from guaranteed deadlines, thanks to our direct contact with manufacturers and the agility of our teams.

Small works / Post-development maintenance

Adjustments may be necessary and unexpected situations may impact your space. Faced with these realities, we provide you with curative maintenance. We are ready to intervene to ensure that your establishment maintains its efficiency and aesthetics.

A project to carry out?

Together, let’s bring your project to life!